BLE Soil Moisture Sensor Round 2

My husband and I designed a BLE soil moisture sensor with the ultra-low-power bells and whistles needed to monitor plants (we had to scrap the air quality sensor since it is not low power). The data can be picked up using any smart device. We used both the mobile app that comes with the kit and also a Raspberry Pi to decode the data and push it all up to Cayenne. This project in currently in Rev 2, moving the SWD connector to the back and fixing what is going on with that jumper wire, but it works! Powering the module (no smoke) and witnessing the Bluetooth device pop-up on my cell phone was an immensely rewarding experience, especially since it was a first prototype and entirely home-brewed.


We took the existing BLE IoP concept fom earlier but condensed it into one small stand alone coin cell operated product. Full blog:

Mary West