BLE Soil Moisture Sensor

About a year ago I created a plant monitoring system that would report soil moisture, soil temperature, humidity, air quality and ambient light. It was a mess of wires and I had to keep all my plants in one place to use the electronics. The original project can be found on this github page. If you do not use github there is a green download button bear the top right that packages everything into a zip file. 


Internet of Plants-02.jpg
Internet of Plants-03.jpg

I finished the project and realized I was on to something. I was getting good data that helped me improve the overall health of my plants. The data was collected by the ESP8266 Thing Dev board and then pushed to MyDevices Cayenne to store and present the data. The problem was that this project relied on WiFi, required the plants to be in close proximity and it's bulky and requires a wall adapted power supply. 

The list for my perfect Internet of Plants project included the following characteristics:

  • wireless

  • low power

  • Not WiFi

  • small enough to not be noticeable in a plant


Mary West