3D Printed Shoes

I 3D printed a pair of wedge heels, originally designed by Naomi Wu, crafted leather ankle straps and then added addressable LEDs to visualize accelerometer data. I wanted to be able to characterize a walk and have a specific color, animation and intensity based of pace, force, and change in height.  The thought was to be able to distinguish a model walking down the runway based on the animations in the shoe. Please excuse the very awkward foot modeling. 


I downloaded the files from Thingiverse and used a Taz 6 to print them. Remarkably, there was immediate adhesion on the first few layers which led to a successful print on the first run.

IMG_20171201_184337 - Copy.jpg

I used WS2812 addressable LEDs with a LilyPad accelerometer and LilyPad Arduino on each shoe. Getting the orientation just right so there was some color balance was a bit tricky until I started zero-ing everything in code.

Mary West